Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun Runs and Floating

Welcome everyone ! This week (May 13 - 19, 2012) was a nice one overall, with some fun and interesting happenings. I had a nice 12 mile "short" long run on Sunday to start off the week. I did a few courses during the week for my morning runs that I don't normally do (I usually stay pretty much inside my neighborhood since its usually dark out).

I have noticed a bit of soreness / stiffness in my knees on a few of the runs, so I inserted some rest days / cross-training to mix it up. I can't tell if it is just a natural adjustment to the increase in miles I've been putting in over the last several weeks, or if it is something else entirely, but I'm trying to err on the side of being conservative and giving myself time to recover. I love being out and about so much, I really have to "work" at the days when I choose to do nothing at all, reminding myself that rest is an active part of the plan.

Saturday morning there was a Fun Run / 5K at my son's school, and the entire family signed up to run. Aiden and I ran the Fun Run, which was supposed to be a mile and wound up being about 0.83 miles (close enough). It was Aiden's first road race (he turned six in October), so he was excited to do it. He is pretty used to hearing me talk about running (and Mom too), so he was pretty convinced that he too could run several miles with no problem. Well, at least he started with confidence. ;-) We did a sort of run a while / walk a while for the run, and I'm pretty sure he had an fun time. My wife ran the 5K afterwards, and even though it was a bit on the warm side, she still placed 4th in her age group, so she was pretty happy about that. All in all, it was a fun morning.

The little toe that I sliced open last Wednesday is certainly proving to be stubborn as far as healing over is concerned. Given the location of the wound, it gets aggravated by the runs I suppose. It still stings a good bit at the beginning of most runs (and at the end of some)...I'm REALLY looking forward to that healing over !

I did have one of those surreal running moments on Friday morning that was sort of cool. While I was running along a particularly dark part, I started to notice that moving along seemed to be taking almost no effort at all....except I didn't actually seem to be moving along the road. For all the world it felt like I was moving my body, but just floating in one place. Sort of spacey, but at least it made the otherwise pleasant but uneventful morning run something a bit interesting.

Here is what last week looked like...

Day   Activity   Distance (in miles) Avg. Heart Rate Max Heart Rate
Sunday Running 12.39 139 153
Monday Rest ---- --- ---
Tuesday Running 6.51 149 165
Wednesday Walking 4.26 --- ---
Thursday Running 6.27 144 156
Friday Running 6.56 141 156
Saturday Cycling 20.58 120 146
Running 0.83 --- ---

 These are my time and distance totals for the week:

Activity   Time Total   Distance Total (in miles)
Running 4:47:04 32.56
Walking 0:59:10 4.26
Cycling 1:18:45 20.58
-------------- -------------- --------------
Overall Total 7:04:59 57:40

Day   Activity   Sets Reps Recovery Interval
Sunday Rest Day --- --- ---
Monday Rest Day --- --- ---
Tuesday Pullups 6 8 3:00
Wednesday Dips 7 10 2:30
Thursday Dips 4 10 2:00
Friday Rest Day ---- --- ---
Saturday Pullups / Dips Alternating 5 / 5 5 / 10 2:00

I continued to mix up the sets and reps for the pullups and dips this week, and added a bit of abdominal work, although I'll need to step that up quite a bit. In the coming week I'm going to start working pushups back into the mix.

Happy Running Everyone !!!


  1. Looks like a great week! Hope that toes gets better!

  2. keep up the good work, man.....you're an inspiration!

  3. Sounds like your family had a great time together at your son's school! I really hope my daughter starts running with me, but she hasn't crossed over yet!

    Hope the toe heals soon!

    You are rocking with the miles!


  4. Getting to run with your son at that age is priceless. I ran a 1 mile race with my son too at that age. He started out too fast too. Now he's 8 and I need to get him more races.

    Looks like a pretty good mix of exercises in your routine. Sucks to have an injured toe. They do more work than you're aware of until they're injured.