Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New 2 You Cross-Training Challenge for February

The idea of trying something "new to me" 12 times in 2012 originated with Kim over at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls, and I "signed up" for the challenge she got started with this post

This is my second "new to me" thing, and it went very well. Last night I went to the first Yoga class I've ever tried, and I have to admit that I had a good time with it. The instructor has been teaching in my area for the last eight years, and was very knowledgeable and talented while at the same time being very low-key and laid back. The studio is in an outdoor mall type area, and is very nice on the inside with a minimalistic decor. It is literally on my way home, so it was convenient, and called Yoga Synergy Spa.

The class was a Yoga 101 Beginner class that lasted about an hour, and the hour really went by very quickly. In addition to the instructor, there were four other students in the class and they were very nice. The lesson started promptly at six, and we began with some New Age music playing in the background (the entire class on a low volume) with just some seated relaxation and breathing. According to the instructor, this class was primarily a Vinyasa type of Yoga at a very elementary level.

The instructor made it clear to everyone in the class that while she was there for guidance and information, that they were to listen primarily to their own bodies and not strain or stretch painfully. For each of the poses through which we progressed, she explained where it "should" feel a bit uncomfortable, and where it should not (in other words, if it hurts here, don't do it). She modified poses for some in the class that found the pose as demonstrated uncomfortable, and was just very pleasant.

I would definitely be at a complete loss to communicate a pose-by-pose description of the class, but we went through various standing and seated stretches, some core work where we started on all fours and lifted one arm forward and opposing leg backward -- alternating that extended position with a "curled" position where the knee was touching our chin/forehead (which really worked the abs), a Tree pose to work on balance, the Pigeon pose to stretch out the hips (with a variation I had yet to try that was interesting), a short circuit where we transitioned between Downward Dog and Cobra, and a circuit that had us in a lunge-type position.

All in all, I had a nice time, and it was fun. I'm on a $15 for 15 calendar days promotion, so I'll for sure go back over the course of that time to see what else I can pick up on. I definitely learned something last night...some things I was doing right on my own ("I learned it from a booook"), some modifications to try, and some things I still need a LOT of work on.

There is definitely a whole world of things to learn and experience in the world of Yoga, and I just barely scratched on the surface of one facet of it....but had a good time doing so. What I did last night was not an overly taxing physical workout, but I can see the potential for that type of Yoga workout if I tried one of the more challenging classes.

Happy running everyone !!!


  1. Thanks for the yoga inspiration. I definitely will try a class this year. I've only ever done it on my own. I hope I can find a cool promotion like you did.

  2. Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! I will most likely try yoga, either on my own or in a class, this year too!

  3. That is great! I have done yoga a couple of times and I always really enjoy it. I am putting it back in my schedule real soon.

  4. great job on just getting out there and doing it! So many times I come up with excuses and reasons not to try new things. Time to break out the old habit and try something new to me :)

  5. Hey there...I love hte thought of trying new things...what a great idea1

    i LOVE yoga...specificially Bikram yoga. I think it is a perfect yoga for athletes...especially running/endurance athletes!

    it is hot yoga, the original and first REAL hot yoga out there. I bet you would really, really like it, and it is a great workout!

    try it and let me know:)