Monday, February 6, 2012

Week in the Rearview Mirror: January 29 - February 4, 2012

Had another good week this week, with a very pleasant middle-distance run on Saturday.

I noticed during the day on Thursday that my right instep felt sort of "bruised", and over the remainder of the week it got better, then came back up. I believe this is either a down-line effect of overly tight calf muscles (since stretching of those muscles seemed to help a bit), and/or the difference between the two shoes I am alternating between. I have both New Balance 880s and New Balance 1080s, and I noticed the return of the tenderness after the use of the 880s, while the longer run with the 1080s didn't produce this. I'm really leaning more towards this being the overly tight calf muscles though, since both pair of shoes have roughly the same mileage on them (142 vs. 150), and I hadn't had this issue previously. I'll just have to see where this goes.

Here is what last week looked like...

Day   Activity   Distance (in miles)
Sunday Rest Day
Monday Elliptical 1.59
Running 4.33
Tuesday Walking 1.03
Running 4.06
Walking 1.04
Wednesday Cycling 22.98
Thursday Walking 1.02
Running 6.13
Friday Rest Day
Saturday Running 10.65

These are my time and distance totals for the week:

Activity   Time Total   Distance Total (in miles)
Running 3:47:20 25.17
Walking 0:43:38 3.09
Cycling 1:26:34 22.98
Elliptical 0:20:00 1.59
Overall Total 6:17:32 52.83

Only 19 days till the Cowtown Marathon, and other than the minor instep discomfort, I'm feeling healthy and ready. My next door neighbor is also going to be running Cowtown, and last week she completed a pretty long run as well...24.5 miles in 5 hours. That is just a long time to be motoring on your feet, but was no doubt a confidence builder for her (this is her first marathon as well). Hopefully that type of effort three weeks and a day or two out won't prove to be a negative.

The February pushup challenge (400 in the month of February) is going well. I started with a set of 20 each day, but starting yesterday I've moved to 3 sets of 10 with a 30 second recovery. I also re-assembled my weight rack yesterday (Sunday), so I now also have a pullup bar, and I'm considering throwing in a few pullups each day as well (although it will be VERY few). We'll see how that goes.

The core work and stretching is also continuing, and I'm seeing improvements in my ROM, and increases (although minor) in my abdominal strength. More importantly though, I believe it is helping to keep me from being injured. In the evenings sometimes I can feel twinges of older issues, and once I've completed the stretching and strengthening it resolves. Apparently, against my will, I'm a believer.

Happy Running Everyone !!!


  1. another great week,'re going to have a great marathon!

    1. Thank you sir, it is appreciated. I'm calm, anxious, and a bit intimidated, so it should be fun !

    2. Well hey, it's not like you haven't run a marathon before! You did one in TRAINING of all things.

      I think you'll find you can do one in a race situation too ;)

      The issue is how fast you want to go....assuming it's not above 60F etc (what was the temps during your 26+ training run?) what is your notion?

    3. @Paul: Although my main goal is just to show up uninjured and be able to run the entire distance, I have already taken the "edge" off that so to speak. I'd be really happy with any time less than 4:15 though...very pleased in fact.

      When I did my 26+ mile training run, I started at 4:50 a.m., and the weather that day was 38 degrees, clear skies & calm wind @ the beginning, and 42 degrees, clear skies and calm wind when I wrapped it up. Never more than a 5 mph breeze throughout. In other words...perfect conditions. Conditions like that at Cowtown would be AWESOME.

  2. Wow 19 days! I'd say you're ready!

  3. Haha, your neighbor is crazy (in a good way)! I only trained up to 18 for my first full marathon. :)

  4. Calf tightness causes all sorts of problems: Shin splints and Plantar Fasciitis to name a couple. Keep stretching those calves and don't be afraid to ice them. I speak from experience.