Monday, March 19, 2012

Week in the Rearview Mirror: March 11 - March 17, 2012

This was a running recovery week, in an effort to see if my right instep and left calf are up to going long again. I purposefully avoided running at all after Sunday's fail until Saturday, when I did 4 miles. Things were a bit stiff, but it all held together reasonably well. It is still a bit too early to tell for sure if I'll be able to make the A2A Marathon start or not, since the right instep issue will definitely be a show stopper if it is not healed. I'm a lot less worried about any loss in fitness, just the injuries and if there is time for them to heal before the race.

Aside from that, the weather was kind to me and allowed me to still get some aerobic work in on the bicycle most days. Cycling doesn't put the pounding or strain on the instep or calf that running or even walking does, so it was nice to be able to ride and still get a good workout in. Cycling (at least the way I do it) isn't anywhere near as intense of a workout minute-for-minute as compared to running, but as a consequence of that I'm able to string multiple days together much easier, and do it for a bit longer at a time. I still think that buying that bike last May was one of the best investments I've made for my health.

My running plan between now and the marathon looks like this:

Day   Activity / Distance
Monday Rest
Tuesday 4 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Thursday Rest / Cross-Train
Friday 6 miles
Saturday 4 miles
Sunday 6 miles
Monday Rest / Cross-Train
Tuesday 4 miles
Wednesday 6 miles
Thursday Rest
Friday 4 miles (Walking)
Saturday Rest
Sunday Marathon

If the calf and instep resolve by this time next week, and I'll continue with my plan to do the marathon. However, if they fail to progress and / or running is just not comfortable, I won't push myself into doing a marathon for which I'm not physically ready. I'll just keep my fingers crossed, and see what transpires.

Here is what last week looked like...

Day   Activity   Distance (in miles)
Sunday Elliptical 0.80
Running 2.56
Walking 2.20
Swimming 1.00
Cycling 10.65
Monday Cycling 16.92
Tuesday Cycling 25.13
Wednesday Cycling 25.51
Thursday Walking 6.68
Friday Cycling 25.28
Saturday Walking 1.06
Running 4.06
Walking 1.10
Cycling 10.70

These are my time and distance totals for the week:

Activity   Time Total   Distance Total (in miles)
Running 0:57:36 6.62
Walking 2:39:14 11.04
Elliptical 0:10:00 0.80
Swimming 0:45:49 1.00
Cycling 7:19:27 114.19
Overall Total 11:52:06 133.65

In cross-training, I've continued with the pushups and pullups on alternating days, and these are coming along nicely. I try to mix up the number of repetitions per set and the number of sets to keep from getting in a rut on these. The March planks challenge is coming along pretty well, as I'm beginning to find my groove. As long as I stick to sets of 1 min planks with 45 seconds recovery, I can do 10 fairly easily, and managed 15 yesterday (although this is still an "every other day" thing at best).

Spring break kind of muddled the schedule this week, so I went to Yoga on Wednesday and Saturday instead of my normal days. On Wednesday I tried a different instructor, and although we did some interesting things (one of which was beginners headstand done by placing the crown of the head and palms (elbows up) on the floor as the base, and balancing the knees on the elbows), but I think I like the other instructor better so I'll be sticking with him. His Saturday class was both challenging and interesting, and I look forward to this week's class.

Happy Running Everyone !!!


  1. all in all, a great week, mi amigo! Sorry to hear about your running issues.......kinda know where you are with that right now, unfortunately. I hope you'll be able to run your next marathon, but it sounds like you've got the right perspective on that.

    See you on the road.....soon.......I hope!

    1. Thanks my friend. I see that you were able to participate in the Half of Quincy and that you finished it as a training run. I hope your issues are progressing towards full recovery as well. :-)

  2. Hope you're able to heal up and do your race. If healing takes a little longer, that just means you can celebrate your Cowtown Marathon result a little longer. :)

  3. I'll bet you'll heal up to do your race....but the body will tell you what's in the card for that day.

    Good week of workouts! You must be monster strong with all the extra stuff you do!

  4. Feel the same about biking - when you can't run, you can bike so I am glad I have one. Can't wait til I can do yoga again. Hope you heal and can run the marathon.