Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally a nice run & Setting up a new routine

Well, after having issues with my hip and back for a couple of weeks, I finally managed to have a pleasant run this morning, and I couldn't be happier. It wasn't that it was epic or anything (just a simple 4.5 mile run), and it wasn't even particularly fast (actually, about 20 seconds per mile slower than a "normal" run), but it was still wonderful.

After a twenty minute warm-up on the elliptical, I was out the door and hit the start button just shy of 4:40 this morning. No wind to speak of, almost completely dry pavement (just some patches of wet), and 29 degrees. Although I still started a bit slow, it was faster than before because there was no pain and/or stiffness in my leg and back (or very, very little at any rate). Strangely, not a lot of people out exercising or walking dogs in the dark when it is below 30 [wink, wink], and the traffic was even light so it was really quite peaceful. I am SO VERY HAPPY that things went well...I really needed a nice run !

In order to make all that possible on an ongoing basis of course, there is the stretching and core work. I'm experimenting with what "works for me" so that I can get this in. If I can find a way to sort of flow from one thing to another, I think it will go better and I'll be more likely to do it regularly. The last couple of times I went through the routine (I took last night off and went out with the family for my birthday dinner...let's just say it was wonderful), I started on my back and did it like this:

  • Bent Leg "Leg Ups" (10)
  • Windshield Wipers (10, with 5 second pause at the low point for each side)
  • Hamstring Stretch with band (10 seconds per leg)
  • Cross-legged Stretch (I'm using the band to increase the stretch, 10 seconds per leg)
  • Bent Leg Situps (10)
I then flip over into an all fours position:

  • Rear Leg Raises (10 each leg)
  • Fire Hydrants (10 each leg)
  • Cat and Camel (5 cycles)
  • Psoas Stretch (10 seconds each leg)
  • Piriformis Stretch (Pigeon pose) (5 slow breaths in and out on this one)
  • Cobra pose (5 slow breaths in and out)
  • Bow pose (5 slow breaths in and out)
This leaves me lying face down and stretched out on the floor, where I can either end (which is what I have been doing), or flip over, bend the knees and start the rotation again. It is taking me somewhere between 10 and 12 minutes to complete a rotation, so one time isn't bad. It's just that I WILL need to get up to at least two and maybe three rotations at least occasionally (every other day would be a nice start). We'll have to see how that goes. Please see my last post if you want to know how to do some of these that don't have links.

I just know that things are slowly getting better, and I would really like for them to stay that way.

Only 43 days to the Ft. Worth Cowtown Marathon, and they recently put up a picture of the "bling" they will be handing out to the finishers. I definitely want to see this on my wall at the end of February.

Happy Running to everyone...hope your weekend ROCKS !!!


  1. Good for you for hitting the core work! I find it makes a big difference.
    Love the Cowtown bling!
    As for canine defense, I do carry pepper spray in my fuel belt but until this last time, I've never had the presence of mind to actually take it out and use it. I had it out this last time (damn dog charged 3 times) but it was so windy. Plus I figured if he'd already charged and retreated twice, he'd probably do it again. No fun though.

    1. That is no fun at all...I hate that "jolt" of adrenaline that comes with these incidents. Glad you weren't hurt though. :-)

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  3. Glad the hip's settled down so you could get a solid run in! Looks like you've got a good core workout going - I need to do more!