Saturday, January 28, 2012

Second Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K

This was my first participation in a "Virtual" race, and I think that all things considered, I had the most fun customizing my bib for the race.

The run itself was a part of an 8 mile training run in my neighborhood, and since I started this run a bit later than I normally do, I got to witness a beautiful sunrise. The temp was 39 degrees at the start, with a NW wind at 15 mph. This made it a bit cool when running against the wind, but not overly so. All in all it was a great run ! Looking at my splits, it looks like I did it in 28:41...certainly not Adam-fast by any means, but I did "Get R' Done".

But this wasn't my "original" plan for today.

I was scheduled for the last long run prior to my first marathon in four weeks today, and doing somewhere between 18 & 20. But all week long, I just had this little nagging feeling that doing another 3+ hour run at this point (which is easily what it would have been for me) just wasn't what was best for me at this time. It made sense on nearly all of the "plans" out there, but for a whole slew of reasons I decided to put in those miles a bit differently.

If I had to nail it down to one overriding reason, my main concern was the possibility of re-injuring myself with that type of extended effort, and the time I would need to take off afterwards to ensure that an injury didn't appear/happen even if the run itself didn't do it by starting back too quickly. I've only been running pain-free for a little over 10 days now, and my last long effort (and how quickly I went back to running after that) definitely contributed to ongoing injuries I had been dealing with since October. I'm just tired of running injured. If actual DOING my first marathon is what sets up a re-injury, I'm actually good with that...I just don't want it to happen on a training run four weeks out.

So, right or wrong I chose to run those same 18 to 20 miles inside a 24 hour period instead of all at once. I've covered 14 miles  so far (6 last night about 9 p.m., and 8 this morning about 7 a.m.). I'll do the next run about 4 p.m. today, and see how things go. I'm hopeful that while the miles covered will be about the same, that breaking it up will reduce the opportunity for the run(s) itself/themselves to produce an injury, and that it will allow me to recover much more quickly. Its not the same in every way, but it will have to do this time. I'll know in 29 days the ramifications of this decision, so I won't have to wait long to find out.

Happy Running Everyone...and thanks Adam, for setting up the Second Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K Virtual Race !


  1. I wish you the best and hope you don't hurt yourself!

  2. Hi Michael,

    Hmm. That's a *really* good idea. I think ultra runners do exactly the same thing in their high mileage weekends.

    I think the feeling is yes, it's not quite as good, but close and it does make it possible to reduce the stress of the miles.

    As time passes I think you will find the long runs get easier and easier the more you have under your belt. At least that's what has happened for me.

    The key is to SLOW DOWN, especially if they are knocking the snot out of you. I would even run walk (walk one minute every mile) the first 90 minutes or so just to reduce he stress on a long 3:30 run...that' worked well for me. Perhaps you have been doing them too fast? WHat is your planned marathon pace and what is the pace you have been doing these runs at?

    Only when my body was happy did I start going fast during the end of long runs...and only at the end of my build up phase.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll do fine if you stick to a reasonable pace on race day. What "reasonable" is..well... that's the $64000 question on race morning 8)

  3. Great job getting the virtual race done, I did it today too!

    At least you are trying to prevent yourself from becoming injured again. I know it isn't the preferred way to train for a marathon, but it is a reality that modifications are usually required. I doubt it will have that big of an impact on you, you will do great!